Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Dream come true

Remember my post few days ago about changed experience? 

Alhamdulillah, tsumma alhamdulillah. 

I am glad enough that I was given the chance to travel to Johor and made my experience counted and see if they did change me. 

The journey to Johor was embarked with an intention of learning and experiencing new things. Looking for more views of the world, and see if I could discover something refreshing.

But the first and foremost intention of the travel was for me to change myself and my view of the world. See if I acquired new understandings of how things work and happened in life. I wanted to go to johor and came back as a different person. A different better person. 

*for the record, InshaAllah I will re-write the stories about my journey in different posts. Some I will copy from the previous post.

First, I am more than happy to admit that this journey is a prove of me breaking free from my caccoon of lonesomeness and comfortness. 

I used to hate travelling because of its uneasiness and uncomfortable existance. 
But my love to see the world's nature and beauty is far greater than this hatred. I long to be with nature, and to be with nature and its beauty is to travel away from the comfortness of your home. 

There and back again - I love this tittle of the Hobbit's sequel, reminds me of the days I travelled in New Zealand. 

And the very reason why I am what I am now. The travel to New Zealand changed me. From a person who shuts herself from the world, to a person who now eager to face and embrace the world out there. 

Just that, I have to make sure all my future journeys have clear and rightful intention. 

Why do I want to see the world??
Because I want to be a better person, better servant of Allah. I want to be the one who when she sees the world, understand her Creator better and grows fonder of the Creator. Willing to die for God, willing to do anything, subservient to His commands. 

Of reminiscing the Queenstown 2010 and Queenstown 2.0 '12. The Millford Sound, the coloured layers across the mountains, the amazing geothermal walk, rotten-egg-like smell of rotorua, stunned by the emerald waters of Huka Fall. The rocky mountains of south island and just the fields of sheeps.

Having seen these marvels of His work on nature, that I really really hope it changes me in the heart, becoming more humbled than ever towards my Creator.

How I wish that whatever came forth of the eyes were engraved in the heart as the ultimate truth that will shield me from committing sins and acts of disobedience. 

With the list about my encounters and my past, I feel related to the hobbit's adventure. The same liking of homey comfort turned into a crave for more exciting experience of the world while helping the needs along the way. 
I come into terms with Martin Freeman's Bilbo Baggins. 

I become interested in the journey, not just the destination anymore. We lost a lot of time travelling from one place to another. Yet if we do not make sense, use or appreciate the journey, we are gonna be double time losers.

The tarbiyah journey, of Palmerston North, to and fro had taught me many valuable gems. 

This is what jaulah did to me. Jaulah, a part of wasilah tarbiyah. 

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